What is Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea is one of the oldest and most traditional drinks in the world! Other than water, tea is consumed more than any other beverage. So tea is the same no matter how it is packaged right? Wrong! I am going to guess that when most of you think of tea,… Read More

Tea Tuesday: Ayurvedic Total Body

Loose Leaf Tea Tea Tuesday Wellness

Ayurveda…now that is a mouthful. While this tea has a hard name, it is easy to understand its popularity. What is Ayurvedic? The basic principles of Ayurveda can be found in its name, which in Sanskrit means “longevity” (āyus) and science (veda). Overall, balance within the body is emphasized through… Read More

The Tea Shoppe Review by Barbara Gulley

In The News

This past September, blogger Barbara Gulley and her family stopped by The Tea Shoppe while visiting Morgantown. Check out her review of the visit at Barb’s Tea Shop. Read More

Meet The Tea Shoppe’s Pastry Chef

In The News

Rachel Biafore, 22, is the pastry chef at the Tea Shoppe, and has been employed there since her parents took ownership of it 5 years ago. Rachel has observed and is learning the ins and outs of the Tea Shoppe over the last 5 years and has seen the development… Read More

Benefits of Tea for College Students


* Photo: Wise Library Morgantown moves slowly and steadily in the summer, with one sleepy, humid day peacefully flowing into the next. While summer is a great time to jump in the pool, take a hike to Cooper’s Rock, or ride a bike on the rail trail,… Read More

Welcome to the new TheTeaShoppeWV.com

Tea Tip

The Tea Shoppe is proud to launch our newly redesigned website. We have redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms, and providing new features such as the ability to earn Tea Shoppe Rewards on your purchases. If you have any… Read More

The Easiest Way to Iced Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Tea Accessories Tea Tip

Iced tea gained its popularity during the summer of 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. It was there that a tea merchant, Richard Blechynden, found himself struggling to pander his hot tea on a sweltering Louisiana day. He located some ice, added it to the tea, and found that… Read More

Tea Maintenance

Loose Leaf Tea Tea Accessories

Not all of us always have the time to properly wash and scrub infusers after every brewing, and sometimes we even leave the tea leaves in the infuser for a second and third brewing. That’s when tea stains start creating and a brown crust starts covering the once new and shiny… Read More

Earl Grey MarTEAni Recipe

Loose Leaf Tea Recipe

Enjoy this variation on your favorite happy hour drink! Earl Grey loose-leaf tea can be infused into your favorite gin to create a tasty twist on the traditional martini! Earl Grey Loose-Leaf Tea-Infused Gin What you need: One 750 ml bottle of Tanqueray gin (feel free to substitute your own… Read More

A Time For Wine

Tea Tip Tea Tuesday

Since opening its doors in 2013, The Tea Shoppe has provided guests with a dining experience unlike any other. In such a fast paced world, this cozy spot provides an experience like no other. The inviting decor beckons you to relax, reflect, and refresh with a hot cup of tea. Read More