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Purple tea is a medium bodied, fairly light tea with a well-rounded subtle sweet woodsy finish. It is the result of 25 years of research to develop a new tea variety that is drought, disease and frost resistant. Kenyan purple tea is grown along the equator at high altitudes (4500-7500 feet above sea level).

This region also receives 1200-1400mm of rainfall annually which is spread throughout the year. The equatorial climate and the intense sunlight exposure it receives, causes the plant to produce higher levels of antioxidants and lower caffeine levels compared to black and green teas with the extra added benefit of anthocyanins – a type of antioxidant found in super foods and fruits like red berries and beets.These anthocyanins are responsible for the purple pigmentation on the tea leaves and also serve to protect the purple tea leaves from damage.

Our natural purple tea has sweet woodsy notes with a subtle lingering pleasant astringency. For a more visual purple hue, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice.  Sweeten if desired. Delicious hot or cold.


  • Tea Origin: Kenya
  • Infusion: Light purple (when a few drops of lemon juice is added)
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Steep at 175⁰ for 3-4 minutes

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1 review for Purple Tea

  1. REBECCA HALL-HERNDON (verified owner)

    This tea is very similar to the flavor of Monkey Picked Oolong. I wouldn’t consider it to be astringent, but instead vegetal. I was surprised at the low brew temp as it is right within the White/Green tea levels. I rarely add anything to my teas and this one was no exception. It was easy to drink straight and with the taste I’m sure it would do well with lemon (as suggested to enhance the color) or a touch of honey.

    • Lisa Biafore

      Thank you Rebecca for your feedback. I really like the purple teas! I agree, they taste closer to an oolong verses a green tea. When you get a chance, try the flavored ones. My favorite is twisted peach spice!

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