Tea Tuesday: Maple Cream

Tea Tuesday: Maple Cream

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What moments take you back to your childhood?

For me, Saturday morning cartoons with a huge stack of syrup-drenched pancakes in front of me was one of the things I most looked forward to as a child.

Seeing as my metabolism can no longer manage stacks of pancakes and TV binge watching all day, I have, sadly, let go of this ritual… somewhat.

Nostalgia In A Cup

I was ecstatic upon sampling the Maple Cream Black tea offered at The Tea Shoppe. I frequently refer to it as “nostalgia in a cup.” The warm, comforting smell of this tea alone is enough to take me back to those Saturday mornings.

This enticing cup carries a rich maple flavor accompanied by caramel notes and a twist of creamy smoothness. It is exquisite on its own, or perfectly accompanied by milk and sugar to further compliment the tea’s flavor.

And now for the best part…


Being so inspired from my cups of this tea, I decided to create a pancake recipe incorporating the tea into the mix! With such a delicious flavor from the tea, the pancakes are absolutely delicious plain. However, if you love maple syrup as much as I do, I won’t judge if you want to pour maple syrup all over them. I hope you love it has much as I do.

* Note: This recipe can be altered with any black tea of your choosing! While other tea types will work as well, black tea is the strongest, therefore giving the best flavor to the recipe.