Superior Gunpowder Green Tea


3 Ounces


Gunpowder teas are primarily produced in the town of Pingshui in the mountainous Guiji region of the province. The technique for their production has remained virtually unchanged since the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907) – and what a production it is. After plucking, each individual leaf is rubbed and twisted by hand then dried by stir-frying in a large pan. Depending on the quality of the leaf, ambient humidity and temperature, up to 4 rounds of stir-fry drying may be required. Although in recent years this process has been sped up somewhat through the limited use of mechanical equipment, the necessity of hand-rolling the tea into its signature shape is still incredibly labor intensive. This tea has a surprising body and captivating green tea taste with a hint of oakiness.

Luxury Ingredients: Green Tea


  • Green Tea Origin: Zhejiang Province, China
  • Grade: Superior #1
  • Growing Altitudes: 1500-4500 feet above sea level
  • Manufacture Type(s): Non fermented, Traditional process, Small batch crafted, Pan fired and hand twisted
  • Infusion: Tending Dark Green
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Steep at 175⁰ for 3 minutes.

Luxury ingredients: Green Tea

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