Dorian Grey

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3 Ounces


This blend is named based on the tale of Dorian Gray, as told in Oscar Wilde’s 1891 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the story, the young Dorian wishes that a portrait, painted of himself, would age instead of his actual body, allowing him to retain the spirit and beauty of his youth. The tragedy for Dorian is that no matter how hard he tries, beauty is ethereal and will always fade. In the end, he dies, aged and disfigured.

The blender determined that there was no better way to capture the fleeting qualities of beauty than through a tea. Tea is itself a beautiful product to behold with so much time and effort going into creating each individual leaf. Once boiling water is poured over them, the leaves whither and releases their golden essence never to produce a good strong cup again.

The floral notes of a good strong Earl Grey is sweetened further with a touch of caramel, both flavors serving to hint at the sweet hold of youth. To further enhance his vision of a tea that reflects the waning qualities of temporal beauty, our Master Taster blended in dried apple pieces, calendula petals, and delicate elderblossoms – products of nature that lend a character of tragic allure. Brew a pot for yourself and dream of years gone by.


  • Ingredients From: India / Sri Lanka / China / Albania / Bulgaria
  • Grade: Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP)
  • Infusion: Bright & coppery
  • Caffeine: Medium
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Steep at 212⁰ for 5-7 minutes.

Luxury ingredients: Black tea, apple pieces, Cornflower & Linden & Mallow petals, and Natural flavors (organic compliant).

1 review for Dorian Grey

  1. Marie Wilson (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite!! The floral notes and the underlying herbal notes with the black tea is fantastic

    • Lisa Biafore

      My favorite of the Earl Grey!

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