Ginger Turmeric


3 Ounces


It is believed that Turmeric can promote digestion, support the brain and nervous system, and keep body cells functioning at their best, thanks to an abundance of natural antioxidants. Whereas, Ginger is said to help ease joint pain, help the body absorb nutrients, and eliminate bodily waste.

Taken together, Ginger and Turmeric offer a potent pick-me-up that’s surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe. Green and black teas have been added to this blend to provide a tasty beverage.



  • Ingredients From: Kenya / Thailand / India / Albania
  • Infusion: Bright bronze / copper
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Steep at 212⁰ for 5-7 minutes.

Luxury ingredients: Green Tea, Black Tea, Turmeric, Bael Nut, Ginger pieces, Red & Blue Cornflowers, and Natural flavors (organic compliant).


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