Crime of Passion Green Tea


3 Ounces


This blend has as its base a Sencha style green tea manufactured in Hunan Province in South Eastern China. The natural sweetness of this green tea makes it perfectly suited for blending with our dried Papaya pieces and natural passion fruit flavorings. Brew a pot today! Amazing over ice.


  • Green Tea Origin: Hunan Province, China
  • Grade: Sencha – Made to Japanese specifications
  • Growing Altitudes: 1500-4500 feet above sea level
  • Manufacture Type(s): Non fermented. Traditional steamed, Pan dried and polished
  • Infusion: Bright, Pale Green to Yellow. Light colored cup.
  • Caffeine: Low
  • Steeping Instructions: 1 tsp of tea for 8oz water. Steep at 175⁰ for 3 minutes.

Luxury ingredients: Green tea, Papaya pieces, Sunflower petals, Natural flavors (organic compliant).


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