Clover Spout Gaiwan, Fair Cup and 2 Cups


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Simple and elegant set includes Gaiwan, Fair cup, and 2 cups

Size:  Pot: 5″l x 3-3/4″w x 4-3/4″h; Fair Cup: 4-1/2″w x 3-3/4″h; Cup: 2-1/2″ w x 2″h,

Capacity: Pot: 12 oz. Cup: 3.5 oz.

Color: Sage Green

Material: Ceramic

What is a Fair Cup?

While brewing Gongfu tea, we often use a tea set – Tea Pitcher or Fair Cup. After brewing the tea in the Gaiwan or teapot, we pour the tea liquid into the Fair Cup and then share to each person’s cup to avoid too bitter or too thick. This way, every one drinks the same concentration of tea. In the tea ceremony no matter the rich people or poor people, they can drink the same with the Fair Cup.


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